Hand Made Chocolate and Petits Fours

Francois is a chocolatier as well as a pastry chef and baker. His chocolates are well known among chocolate lovers, all made in small quantities to perfection. Truffle fillings change regularly, but his classics such as brandy truffle, pailletine and a few more are always available.

Presented in customised boxes of 150g, 200g and 300g.

Easter is a special time of the year when bunnies and eggs are moulded and decorated in white, milk and dark chocolate.

Petits Four

All mousse cakes are made in different shaped petits fours. Also we have a great range of fruit tartlets, eclairs, florentines, profiteroles, 12 different flavours of Macrons and many more. Most petits fours are available daily, but pre-ordering is a good idea for customers who wish for a greater variety.

Contact us for more information on our delicious range of hand made chocolates and petits fours.